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RootBooster 500ml (Ready to Use)


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100% Natural Organic Soil Amendment and Root Stimulator
(Made from organic material – naturally)

USDA Certified Biobased Product

  1. Hasten seed germination.
  2. Improve Rooting.
  3. Reduce excess salinity in soils.
  4. Improve soil’s nutrient holding capacity.
  5. Feed beneficial soil microbes.
  6. Reduce environmental stress.
  7. Improve plant physiology

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Product Description

100% Natural Organic Soil Amendment and Root Stimulator
RootBooster is the best example of this science of dosage and mixing. It combines, in one formula, essential amino acids, sea kelp, humic acid, yucca extract, rooting hormones, fermented plant extracts, vitamins, enzymes, magnesium, calcium and more. Each ingredient is of the highest quality and was selected for its complementary and synergetic treatment benefits.

Humic Acid’s Effect on Soils

Light Sandy Soils

In soils low in humus, RootBooster coats the sand particles, increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC), and increases the ability of the soil to retain nutrients and water. Nutrients, in particular nitrogen, would normally be washed away in sandy soils. But by adding humic acid, RootBooster prevents nutrients from leaching into the groundwater and instead keeps nutrients in the soil where they are readily available to plants.

Compacted Clay Soils

RootBooster Plus aerates compacted soils and improves soil structure. With RootBooster, soil can be more easily penetrated by water, nutrients, oxygen and roots.

Soils Rich in Humus

Adding RootBooster to your turf program creates a healthy soil structure with the proper flow of air and water, an improved cation exchange capacity, and a healthy soil biodiversity that allows good microorganisms to flourish. Nutrients are retained in the soil and remain available for plant uptake.

Soil pH

Adding RootBooster buffers difficult soils to create a more neutral pH range, thus releasing nutrients in a soluble form for plant uptake.

Guaranteed analysis for rootbooster1   Content of non-plant food ingredients

Content for 500ml Label


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